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From 1992-2004… Specially known for having represented India on the International Gospel Music platform, likely to also be one of Indian origin that has brought out as many English albums (records), be it in the gospel or secular circuit. An established representation from India all over the world, in the realm of Worship, both Catholic and Non-Catholic. Also one of the first from India to do a Live Worship Album.

A Singer-Songwriter, who was also a Worship Leader, Preacher and Teacher of God’s Word, interdenominational, welcomed in all Churches without denominational differences, and continued to have an incredible outreach, especially among young people, despite her wilderness experience. This continued after 2004 with a self-imposed seclusion interspersed with occasional but few outreaches.


Style of Music


Contemporary English Gospel – Pop, Country, Rock
Secular – Pop, Blues, Country, Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Soul

Countries Performed At - US, UK, Canada, Germany, Kenya, Tanzania, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Israel & India

Number of Albums – 16 plus 5 (of which 19 are gospel)

List of Albums

1. Believe In The Lord 1992

2. Prayer To Prayer (Polygram India Ltd) 1995

3. Jesus Cares

4. Born Again

5. Give Me Back My Faith

6. Down The Years

7. In Thy House

8. Nearer My God

9. The Magnificent Christ

10. Anoint Me

11. Intense

12. Storm The Heavenlies – Live Recording

13. The Presence – Live Recording

14. Prayer For You

15. Set Me Free

16. May You Be Blest

17. Flashback (Admiral Musics) 2005

18. Lessons In The Wilderness (Admiral Musics) 2006

19. For Jesus At Christmas (Admiral Musics) 2012

20. Live The Dream (Swapna Abraham) 2015

21. SwanSong (Swapna Abraham) 2016

22. Cheating On You (Swapna Abraham) Single 2017

23. Loved (Swapna Abraham) Single 2021

24. Sweet & Dangerous (Swapna Abraham) Single 2021

25. Save (Swapna Abraham) Single 2021

26. Faces From The Past (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

27. No Love Lost (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

28. Unforgiven (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

29. Shout (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

30. Love Can't Say Goodbye (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

31. Love Yourself A Little While (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

32. Choices (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

33. I'm Crying (Swapna Abraham) Single 2023

34. Loved (Swapna Abraham) Album 2023


2023 - Silver - Global Music Awards - LOVED (album) - Pop

2023 - Silver - Global Music Awards - LOVED (album) - Female Vocalist

2023 - Silver - One Earth Awards - No Love Lost (feat Devan Ekambaram) - Best American Roots Song

2023 - Silver Medal - Outstanding Achievement - Global Music Awards - No Love Lost (feat Devan Ekambaram) - Country, Female Vocalist

2023 - Finalist - Spring 2023 - World Songwriting Awards - No Love Lost (feat Devan Ekambaram) - Best Modern Country Song 

2023 - Official 2023 Finalist - InterContinental Music Awards - No Love Lost (feat Devan Ekambaram)

2023 - Official Nomination - Hollywood Independent Music Awards - No Love Lost (feat Devan Ekambaram) - Country (Crossover)

2022 - Exceptional Women of Excellence Award, Women Economic Forum

2022 - Published the book She Played In The Dark, a memoir entailing the journey and lessons through the 1000-day challenge that set four world records (AABS Publishing House)

2020 - Awarded the following world records in singing-songwriting by the Golden Book of World Records

•Longest quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing song incessantly (April 08, 2017 - January 02, 2020)
•Quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing multiple songs incessantly for 100 days (March 08, 2019 - June 15, 2019)
•Most songs composed, produced and published by an individual in one day (January 01, 2020)
•Longest quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing children's song incessantly [they do not consider the children's song as a regular song, but certainly call it children's song] (April 08, 2017 - January 02, 2020)

2019 - Awarded the Aspire World Award for Passion for Excellence at the 31st Global Women's Empowerment Summit

2012 – Awarded the Maestro Award – LAMP-ICONGO Karmaveer Chakra for the contribution to gospel music.

2010 - NeedStar Women's Day Citation "Role Model for her progress & success in the field of Mainstream Career, Art & Entrepreneurship"

2007 – Started working on her first secular album "Live The Dream" released in 2015.

2009 – Started working on her second secular album later released as singles.

2012 – Started working on her third secular album “SwanSong” released in 2016.

From 2005 to date - Started Admiral Musics – a music production entity. Admiral was a name coined from the names of her children, Adrian and Amy.

From 2007-2009 - Started Kafeoke – the ‘Singing Cube’ in Chennai. Encompassing two karaoke lounges (one for English, and the other, Indian music) integrated in a cafe, a school for singing and songwriting and an audio recording studio.

From 2009-2012 - Started SA Recording Suite in Chennai - an audio recording and video editing studio.

2009 – Cast as “Donna” in the musical “Mamma Mia” directed by the late Mithran Devanesan.

2011 – Cast as “Meenakshi” in the Tamil feature film “Nadunissi Naaygal” directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon.

2010 – Started blogging.

Random and profound moments and thoughts in a lifetime - that I am proud and not ashamed of. Having kept a peculiar silence for more than a decade, while singing and preaching all over the world... There came a time when the fabric of that silence was misinterpreted and misunderstood (even by people who journeyed close with me through life) if I continued to remain reticent... and therefore I started talking... Starting with what I thought people had a right to know (for I spoke so much, except for that small detail of truth, the knowledge of which would perhaps not have given me ears for any more talk), also clarifying the "mute moments" to dispel doubt, speaking for myself (for I would be the only one I could trust to speak for me). It's like the frozen embers started burning... I know the scars will always remind me, the losses continue to stay lost. Let no one judge no one. Let no one judge me also. Let no one suggest the way forward. I am still in the arms of a loving God and at peace not knowing where He's taking me. Pensive... From that pinnacle I scribble my random musings. All that I say henceforth is with the larger picture in mind. Mostly happy. Well, I tried... - Swapna

1994 - PGDM (Finance & Systems) from T A Pai Management Institute

2008 - EPSM (Sales & Marketing) IIMC

2017 - Qualified in Interior Design with the New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD)

2018 - Formalized Alika Interiors

2021 - Obtained the Residential Interior Design Qualifying Certification (RIDQC) and became a member of the Designers Society of America

2022 - Awarded Doctor of Music (Honoris Causa) by Vinayaka Mission's Research Foundation Deemed To Be University

2024 - Awarded Doctor of Music (Honoris Causa) by Maryland State University

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