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The Full Story


Dedicated to my grandchildren Cai, Bodhi & Navid

And written for the children of the world

Composed live - music and lyrics, one song everyday for 1000 days from 8 April 2017 to 2 January 2020

This project was an afterthought before embarking on a world record attempt to establish legitimacy in the outcome

And proceeded to be a world record in its own right with the Golden Book of World Records - Longest quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing children's song incessantly

Music & Lyrics: Swapna Abraham

Orchestration, Mixing & Mastering: [to be announced]

Illustrations: [to be announced]

Mother and Daughter
Mother with her Two Kids

My Thoughts When Composing

Adults invariably get to listen to children’s songs, and almost always, on repeat. The songs needed to be more bearable and relatable for the adults as well.


The Disney movies have proven children have an appetite for real songs.


The songs needed to convey more values, virtues, facts about life, with positive messages as much as possible, but also not keeping the truth away from the children.

Hide and Seek

What You Can Expect

Songs for kids aged 4-12

Songs about life, their world and the world at large - illusory and factual

Songs that impart values in the young mind

Songs that encourage them to dream

Songs that inspire them

Songs that trigger their imagination

Songs that nurture them and educate them

Songs that help them process their emotions

Loud songs, soft songs, colorful and sad; songs to play, clap, sing, dance and sleep to

Songs to meditate and unwind


Songs that also speak to parents, grandparents and caregivers

I've a strong feeling these songs will also resonate with most adults that are just waiting to awaken the child in them. Since all the songs have positive/ factual/ unbiased messages, it is quite the balm for the soul.

Father and Son Playing

Mail Swapna Abraham at should you want to book a concert for your school or children's community in any part of the world

Book with songs available @ [to be announced]

Record your videos of the songs singing along to the karaokes and tag a_childrens_song_a _day in your Instagram posts. The karaokes are in the book.

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