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Why is a generic world record attempt positioned to be Dubai/ UAE specific?

True, the world record attempt is international, so is the EXPO. That the one attempting the new world record happens during this time to be resident in Dubai, the host of the next world EXPO, is too much of a coincidence and too splendid an opportunity to be overlooked. The challenge has thus deliberately been timed accordingly and is no doubt special to Dubai.

Will you be doing any work on the songs prior to the commencement date?

No. The challenge will be accredited by a world records organization; notwithstanding that, I believe that I am the toughest hurdle to get by. It is first a challenge that I have set for myself. The methodology is simple. I pick an idea each day, script lyrics and a tune in line with the said idea on that day (I'm a sort of expert in this), proceed to production, including recording, mixing and mastering (very new to me) on the same day, and finish off with uploading the song before the day is over. I'm fairly thorough with singing, with special reference to singing for recordings. Yes, I have a thousand ideas in my head. I have not worked on any of them, nor will I work on any of them until each day unfolds, and I will pick one - mine or just about anyone's. It is for this reason and to clear speculation that I have made it clear that I will not accept ideas from anyone until the challenge begins.

How will anyone know if you've repeated a song any day?

The onus of proving me wrong is with anyone that wants to prove me wrong and will need to be supported by evidence. I will not do anything contrary to the spirit and integrity of the challenge. It will surely be a new song everyday. I've also been asked if I already have songs produced that are unpublished and which I will merely bring out in the course of this challenge, seeing as I've published 21 albums with one other in the pipeline still to be published. The answer again is reiterating that these will be new songs - from idea to a finished song each day. You will be able to tell from how simple the production will be, compared to the usual work on my albums. Furthermore, you will be able to see this for yourself. Read on...

How will you create evidence that this is being done every day? How will it be monitored and measured?


I need not over-emphasize how vital it is for the authority that will be vetting this challenge, to be able to monitor and measure its veracity. I shall make a dated video recording of it everyday as my evidence. The world record organization will assess, verify and certify the challenge through Facebook Live - I know that many people want to learn how songwriting is done. Well, here you will actually have someone demonstrate, and you will miss no details except the DNA :-).

What time zone will you go by?


I now live in Dubai and will therefore go by the Gulf Standard Time. Should I travel across time zones, the challenge will still be pegged to the Gulf Standard Time.

What language will the songs be in?


English. With the exception of a few words/ phrases occasionally.

What genre will the songs be in?


My songs are reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. There could be influences from other time periods, but I take pride in being a retro composer. I prefer to describe the songs by the era they belong to rather than the style, and am waiting to work on more styles!

Will the songs all be gospel?


There will be some gospel, one or more in a week. But in general, the songs will pretty much cover any theme under the sun.

Can these songs be used by anyone for covers, performances, other productions, etc.?


For sure they can be used! I plan to get the copyrights for the songs as best suited to the production; they can be used within the ambit of the respective copyright law.

Can other musicians and singers be involved in this project?


Most certainly and with pleasure! Both professionals and amateurs (including children). I cannot as yet commit to a remuneration for the same as it will depend on sponsorships. Anyone interested can pre-qualify by sending me a sample of your work to Most importantly, for this one, you should be able to play by ear (smiles...). We only have so much time.

What do I get in return for being a sponsor?


To begin with, your logo and advertisement link on the "1000 Songs In 1000 Days" page on this website and the official website -, credits on all collateral in proportion to the sponsorship; above all, a shelf life of atleast 1000 days! Should you be interested, do write to me at

How many hours will you spend on the challenge everyday?


The estimate is to stay within four hours everyday. I will continue my day job five days a week while going about this challenge.

Will the quality of the production be similar to that of your albums?


I don't expect the production quality of the songs on this challenge to measure up to those on my albums, but as I progress, I hope to get close. Having said that, I will keep certain productions raw, and mix and master them as such.

Wont there be an overlap in compositions with respect to the music and lyrics, when the gap between two will be less than twenty-four hours?


I know of composers that maintain a gap of a few months between compositions to avoid any overlap between two consecutive compositions. I've done this on a much smaller scale before - ten tunes (songs) in ten days, and have found the overlap minimal.

What are the precise steps entailed in this exercise for each song?


On this link you will find a video introducing the project -

The songs for the day will need to be produced and uploaded within twenty-four hours of a day in Gulf Standard Time. I am still old school. I use a notebook to script the lyrics (will maintain separate ones with a few thousand pages in all for this challenge) to a tune that surfaces on my mind as I sit to work each day. I use the keyboard by and large and the guitar once in a while. I make note of the chords as I pretty much forget the details as soon as I move to the next song. The rest of the production is regular studio work. There are no trade secrets. It is a gift. I either have it or don't have it and trust that God who inspired me will provide when the time approaches, everyday.

Will you perform any of these songs during the course of the challenge?


I'll be glad to. Do write to me on if you would like to have me perform.

You look nothing like the picture on your website!


Of course, I don't live in a photo shoot:-). I'm too simple for that. I do no more than draw my eyes, and that's if I get to that... This is how I look off the reel, in real life, and I'm sorry if this was disappointing...

What if you fall sick?


I will still be at it. As a mentor I have taught my students about voice care. It was something I practised for over a decade when all I did was sing, during which time I never ever called off a recording or programme because I was sick. I'm older and perhaps more vulnerable now, and will get exhausted shuttling between work and the challenge, that's alright. It's again where I trust God who put this in me - the challenge, the experience, the years and the gift.

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