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Singing is for everyone, some just sing better!

So if you sing well, a mentor can guide you to sing to professional standards (style, voice modulation [tone, gain, texture], expression, harmonies, etc.). If you can just about sing, you can be trained to sing better. And if you cannot sing for whatever reason (including tone-deafness [and get a full refund if the condition of tone-deafness does not improve at all after ten classes] or the inability to keep time), you can be guided to sing/ hold a tune.

Songwriting is not for all. But you never know until you try... Learn everything about composing tunes, lyrics, phrasing, etc.

And Recording... What's the point in writing all those songs if you will never get to record them. Put them down for the record, and publish them for posterity.

P.S: The style of music taught is Western pop, rock, soul, jazz, hip hop, R&B, funk and gospel.

       After your first lesson, you will know if this mentor is for you. Else you'll be told, whichever way.

       The classes are one-on-one and customized for each student. It will help to know your age, understand your musical background, state of health and temperament. This information is to be provided in the Lesson Booking Form prior to your first class.

       You are advised to book no more than one class to begin with. Thank you!


- Swapna Abraham

Class prices are lower for students from certain countires. Shall advise.
Please mail me on a slot request not indicated as free in the calendar.

Masterclass with Swapna Abraham

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